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BOB3 plays SOCCER!

Download the video in WMV format.
BOB3 plays soccer, in a 100% autonomous way.
Look HERE for more information about the algorithm used.

Path Planning

Download this video in MPEG format.
This video shows bob moving 100% autonomously. Bob plans its path with its knowledge of the environement and then follows this path. This iduces strange movements, because the path is not fully optimized. But it works! You can find below the map extracted after this video.
Look HERE for explaination about the algorithm.

Explaination about the video:

The robot has previously run arround the room and build a 2D cartography. All obstacles, authorized areas and unauthorized areas are represented on the map. See "algorithm" part of the site for more details.

The user has to give a goal position. It then computes a path (grey line) with the path planning algorithm described in the "algorithm" section of the site. The robot then follows the path. The path is not optimal, but it was automatically computed, without external help. The path avoids white areas (unexplored), even if those area do not contain obstacles. That makes the path more complex but more safe.
Leon | 06/09/2008